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    AKSIGEN Hospital Care (AHC), is a fast growing, research driven Pharmaceutical Company dedicated to putting patients first. The Company founded in 1994, was incorporated with a mission of introducing specialized and innovative products into the orthopaedic segment.

    The company is based in Mumbai, India and supported by a sales force of 300 personnel across the country.

    AHC is involved in the sales and marketing of Enzyme-based formulations in the anti-inflammatory segment in the Indian branded formulations market and has a market standing for over decade. AHC has a significant market with products prescribed for edema, inflammation and pain reduction. AHC products are manufactured in WHO-GMP approved sites, enabling AHC to access global markets.

    Mission & Vision

    “Transforming lives, enriching health”

    Our mission is to develop and market products with cutting edge technologies to empower medical fraternity through specialised and innovative products dedicated to putting patients first.

    Group Companies

    AHC is privately held Company and promoted by a Group with an established track record in the Pharma / Health care / Hospital sector

    - Bharat Serums And Vaccines Ltd
    - Advy Chemicals
    - Siro Clinpharm Pvt. Ltd

  2. About Aksigen

    AHC's Executive Leadership Team is the company's senior-most leadership and decision-making management body. It brings together our top leaders to focus on major financial, strategic and operational decisions for the company.

    Our new commercial operating structure represents the next step in AHC's journey to further revitalize our innovative core, enhance the value of our consumer and off-patent established brands, and maximize the use of our capital to deliver value to patients. Through this evolution, we are enabling greater independence, focus and responsiveness for our businesses.

    With this structure, we are able to rapidly capitalize on opportunities to advance our business by increasing support for successful new medicines, forging partnerships with key customers, entering into co-promotion and licensing agreements, investing in new technologies to add value to our core product offerings, and acquiring new products and services from outside the company.

    Dr. Gautam Daftary
    Chairman and Managing Director

    Dr. Gautam Daftary, a medical Doctor, is the Chairman and Managing Director of the Company and is primarily responsible for R&D activities and technical matters.
    His knowledge and expertise in the fields of microbiology, oncology, and intensive medicine has led him to being instrumental in providing the necessary thrust in the R&D activities of the Company.

    Mr. Anand Shah

    Mr. Akshay Daftary
    Vice President